The Holland Sports & Industry portal is a unique webportal supporting the exporting ambitions of a network of experienced Dutch companies involved in the sports industry, sports organizations, and government agencies.


The Holland Sports & Industry network offers a large variety of expertise in the following areas:



  • Sports Infrastructure and Urban Development
  • Sports Events and Facility Management
  • Sports Marketing, Media and ICT
  • Sports Safety and Security
  • Sports Vernues and Facilities
  • Sports Training and Coaching
  • Sports Equipment, Apparel and Nutrition
  • Sports Science and Education
  • Sports Financial and Legal Services
  • International Sports Business Development




New Orange Sports Forum USA is building a matching database of U.S.-based companies in the same areas of expertise, in order to facilitate matchmaking and appointment-setting during trade missions and at sports business events.




Wilfred H. Muskens | Founder & Chairman

Emilie R. Seventko | Executive Director

New Orange Sports Forum (NOSF), USA

Lancaster, PA 17601 | USA

Mobile: (+1)717-666-9899

Office USA: (+1)717-715-1595

Office Netherlands: (+31)30-320-0880




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